The Little Known Facts About The Agora URL

loginMany people have been finding it difficult to register with the Agora marketplace and continue trading. The marketplace has been receiving hundreds of requests ever since the closure of Silk Road. Logging into the Agora URL has however been a nightmare with many failed request attempts besides a slow loading browser. This may be the case for those without real information because registration should not be a problem once you have all the facts. Agora requires people to sign up through referral links provided by already existing members. This is because of the high security needed to prevent hackers from accessing the site and eavesdropping. Here is a description on how to use the Agora URL, register with the market place and receive a referral link which earns you a commission every time a new person signs up using your link.


How to Access the Agora URL

agora_market_03Agora is a black market which means a lot of activities and trade done there involves illegal practices. For this reason, the law enforcement bodies are trying to crack into the site and tap users’ information which may then be later used for prosecution. There are also hackers who will take the advantage of the illegal nature and steal peoples IDs and infringe into personal information since using them is not an option. It is therefore necessary to ensure full anonymity and security before and after registering. Over the last few weeks, logging into the Agora site was a real hustle mainly because there was a security upgrade going on to immune the site from attacks by viruses. The Heart bleed virus for example affected Agora and all other sites that run on naked http://. This virus allowed unauthorized users to request portion of server memory which may have exposed various genuine users to ID theft and track. The site is however back to normal running and secure registrations are ongoing.


To register with the Agora URL, one needs a Tor browser which can be downloaded and installed. The government may however be tracking downloads of this browser which calls for extra security measures. Ensure you contract VPN (Virtual Private Network) services which will provide you with a non-existent IP address location and keep you anonymous. Also avoid storing information on your PC and use a USB flash drive instead. This keeps you safe in case of a crackdown which may be untimely. Agora can only be accessed using the Tor browser and registrations are made possible vial referral links. The Agora URL is http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion although registration links will have an extension which includes codes that identify the ID of user who has provided that link. Something like “http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion/register/xxxxxxxxxx where “xxx” is the referral code.

Once you have successfully registered and created an account, a referral link can be issued. This link is to be used for enabling other people to register with the marketplace. Every registration that takes place through your link earns you a commission only when the referred user pays the charged fees. Commission rates are found in the referrals.htm page.


Agora is a black market site and therefore any activity done there have legal impacts which may include prosecution and jail term. Users should ensure optimum security by using VPNs and USBs. Registration is only allowed via referral links after which one can acquire their own and refer other people on which they receive commissions for every sign up. For more details about the Agora URL, check out this website

The Little Known Facts About The Agora URL